<div class="text-input ">
    <div class="text-input__pre">
        <label class="text-input__label" for="cat">Category</label>
    </div> <textarea class="text-area__input text-area__input-no-resize" id=cat name="category" placeholder="Optional category description…"></textarea>
    <p class="text-input__helper"></p>
<div class="text-input {{class}}">
	{{#if label}}
		{{> @input-pre }}
	{{> @text-area-inner }}
	{{> @input-helper}}
  "name": "category",
  "id": "cat",
  "label": "Category",
  "placeholder": "Optional category description…"

Text Area

Users can enter long text in a Text Area.

When to use:

Use a Text Area when a user may input long text, such as a description or bio.

When not to use: